Did you know...

    Zagreb funicular is the shortest such public railway funicular in the world? It connects Lower to Upper Town, it is 66 meters long, and the ride last 64 seconds only.

    Grič Cannon in the tower of Lotrščak has been firing to mark the high noon every single day since 1 January 1877

    Basaričekova Street used to be called Beer Makers’ Street? The very first brewery in Zagreb was located in Basaričekova Street 4 from 1721 until 1848

    Dora Krupićeva, the heroine from August Šenoa’s novel, is to be found in a niche next to Kamenita Vrata (the Stone Gate)? In his novel ‘the Goldsmith’s Gold’ Šenoa described life in Zagreb as it used to be in the 16th century.

    The three chandeliers in Zagreb Cathedral originate from the Gold Coast Casino in Las Vegas? In 2001 a Croatian employee of the casino asked for them to be donated to the cathedral.

    The animated film Professor Balthazar is a symbol of Zagreb School of Animated Films? Animated television series Professor Balthazar was produced from 1967 to 1978 in Zagreb Film, and it was sold to more than 30 countries around the world.


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