Allround service that leaves no wish unfulfilled

A beautiful and healthy smile can go a long way. It can break silences, heal relationships and speaks without saying a word. It also largely influences a person’s self-confidence and how others perceive them.

At Dentum, the dentists go beyond every expectation in order to provide their patients with a healthy and gorgeous smile. In their determination to provide a dental solution of the highest quality, they resort to minimally invasive treatments using state-of-the-art equipment and materials.

Generally, the Dentum team provides patients with all kinds of dental treatments – from smaller, aesthetic treatments such as tooth whitening, free-hand bonding and veneers, to challenging oral surgeries – there is nothing they cannot do for you.

Allround service that leaves no wish unfulfilled

In addition to the expertise and first class treatments, the Dentum clinic wows its patients with the allround service, providing patients with:

  1. Free luxury accommodation within the clinic
    The Dentum team understands that patients need peace and comfort for the healing process, which is why every patient  is provided with luxury accommodation in the same building as the clinic. That way the patients can fully focus on their treatment, without the need to bother about lodging.
  2. Free airport transport service
    One more thing not to worry about when traveling to Dentum for dental treatment is how to get here. After arriving at the airport, our driver picks up patients and brings them to the clinic safely.
  3. Free first visit and consultation with dentists
    The Dentum team is aware that traveling to another country to get dental work done is not something that can be decided overnight or via email. That is why all patients are invited to the clinic for a first free visit. During this visit, a dentist examines the patient and on the basis of this examination, a fully tailor-made treatment plan is created. With this, the patient can decide whether to proceed with treatment or return home without having any work done.
  4. Certified clinic
    Dentum is also an officially certified clinic from leading dental brands, including Nobel Biocare and Straumann. In addition, the clinic proudly holds other official certificates, such as the ISO 9001 standard, which is recognised as a standard of quality management systems.

Gradiščanska ulica 36, 10000 Zagreb Croatia

+385 1 58 02 333


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