Advent in Zagreb

A new kind of Christmas magic has appeared on the streets of Zagreb in the last few years. Aside from the traditional events such as Fuliranje next to Zagreb furnicular, ice-park at King Tomislav Square, Advent at Zrinjevac and European Square, Christmas fair in the pedestrian zone, live nativity scene in front of the cathedral and, of course, events at the central square in Zagreb – Ban Jelačić Square, there are now happenings organised also on Gradec Plateau in Upper Town, where ice sculptures are made, and parts of Lower Town where Advent Calender events take place. 

The last mentioned ones include visitors entering unknown courtyards and passages where different kinds of programmes are organised for them (Obrtnički prolaz, the courtyard in Ilica street 69, the courtyard in Petrinjska street 73, the house block Žerjavićeva street 3 – Mihanovićeva street 30/2). Music concerts are held in Oktogon, a passageway in the center, and at Trg žrtava fašizma Square quite an unusual fair of unconventional artefacts, called Artomat, takes place. Ad gloriam brass  classical music concerts took place for the first time at the last Advent and were held on quite unique stages throughout the city – the city balconies. In addition, a Christmas Cakes& Cookies Fair was organised for those with a sweet tooth in Karas Gallery in Praška street 7. The idea was to take you back to your childhood and bring back the ‘childhood memories, sweet nostalgy, happiness… but in a more modern way’ by participating in workshops, tastings and music performances while at the same time having Christmas tea and enjoying special surprises. The spirit of old Zagreb has walked into Klovićevi Dvori Gallery in form of an antique fair, an exhibition of old Christmas ornaments and advent postcards, gourmet day, lectures together with films, musical programmes, blowing of Christmas balls and making of ornaments. Having such spectacular programme, it is no wonder that Advent in Zagreb has been paid more attention to than the ever popular advent destinations such as Vienna, Strasbourg, Colmar and Brussels, and was voted the best Advent and Christmas destination for 2016 – a title awarded by the independent European Best Destination portal. Zagreb has won 29.901 out of 101.703 votes from 176 countries around the world and the fact that the portal has more than 2,5 million makes the title even more important.

Zrinjevac 10000, Zagreb

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