Modern Gallery

Modern Gallery is housed in the revival-style Vranyczany Palace, built in the 1880s in the heart of Zagreb to a design by Viennese architect Otto Hofer. The permanent exhibition shows, to the most exacting museological standards, more than 750 outstanding works of painters, sculptors, medal-makers and new media artists, telling of the high points of the Croatian fine art scene since the 19th century.

New Permanent Exhibition

From modern classics, such as the painters Vlaho Bukovac, Mato Celestin Medović, Miroslav Kraljević  and Josip Račić, the sculptors Robert Frangeš Mihanović, Ivan Meštrović, Ivo Kerdić, Frano Kršinić and Branislav Dešković, to contemporary masters of the brush, chisel and new media, one after another come masterpieces of landscape, figurative and abstract painting, portrait and animal sculpting as well as of conceptual art. In a set-up that is more dossier- than chronologically ordered, all the important phenomena, movements and individuals that have created the profile of the national modern art history are shown, concluding with the master works of contemporary artists who have contributed to the reputation of Croatian art on the European scene. The holdings of the Modern Gallery, with more than 11,000 artworks, constitute the richest collection of Croatian fine art of the modern period and are an unfailing source for the understanding of its origins, development and contemporary achievements.

MG Tactile Gallery

An important part of the permanent display consists of the MG Tactile Gallery, the first multisensory gallery in this part of Europe dedicated to blind and visually impaired persons. Alternating in a special section of the first floor of the Gallery, arranged for viewing by means of touch and sound, are exhibitions with major works of Croatian painting and sculpture since the 19th  century. Audio guides, tactile diagrams and legends in Braille placed alongside the original works, and brought together in the catalogues accompanying exhibitions, are a compendium of aids that the Modern Gallery and Nataša Jovičić, author of this innovative methodology, have used to make Croatian fine art of the Modern period accessible to all. In the MG Tactile Gallery blind and visually impaired persons are enabled to see a painting from the point of view of its form and content and to recognise sculpture, in a word, to experience the work of art.

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