bio & bio trade organic products are recognizable by the proven quality and range of comprehensive natural products and a large selection of certified organic brands of domestic and international manufacturers. But are our main asset bio & bio employees who approach each customer individually, passing on their knowledge about healthy and natural diet, which is the result of continuing education and personal experience.

Offer bio & bio stores includes more than 4,000 natural and certified organic productsfrom the categories of food and beverages, food supplements, organic cosmetics and organic products for the maintenance of the household who are subject to strict quality controls and have all the associated certificates. Visit us in Zagreb where the nine bio & bio stores, three in Split, and Varazdin, Osijek, Rijeka, Pula and Dubrovnik or enjoy virtual shopping which is just one click ! 

Zagreb Arena center, Lanište 32

+385 1 61 425 81


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