Kišobrani Cerovečki

We proudly nurture a 100-year-old tradition and continue the family business of making umbrellas for three generations. Our story begins back in 1912 when Mijo Cepanec started his umbrella artisan shop ''Cepanec'' in Varaždin. His business grew and since Mr. Cepanec didn't have any children, he chose his nephew Gabrijel Cerovečki to teach him the arts and crafts of umbrella making and to continue the business. Since they worked with high-quality materials and followed the fashion trends, the demand for their handmade umbrellas grew. In 1936 Mr. Cepanec opened another shop at 19 Ilica Street in Zagreb, where Gabrijel Cerovečki took over after finishing his apprenticeship and passing the Pre-Master and Master umbrella maker examination. A skillful master, Gabrijel Cerovečki made the umbrellas for the General Trades International Exhibition in London in 1936 that won the Grand Prix and Gold Medal award.

We have been making all kinds of umbrellas: from simple, everyday umbrellas, elegant ladies and gents umbrellas to ladies and garden parasols. Around 1937 we began importing Knirps umbrella parts. In our workshop we assembled the famous Knirps umbrellas and continued the cooperation with other foreign umbrella manufacturers aswell. The quality and durability of our products have always been of paramount importance. In 1943 Gabrijel Cerovečki inherited the entire branch from Mr. Cepanec. As the business continued to grow, Mr. Cerovečki decided to pass his knowledge on to his son Krešimir Cerovečki, who also became a master umbrella maker. To keep up with the ever growing demand, they worked together with six other workers. During 1967, due to political decisions unfavorable toward the private tradespeople and their businesses, many of the crafts and shops in the center of Zagreb were closed, Kišobrani Cerovečki was not excluded from this. Within 24 hours Gabrijel Cerovečki was out of his legaly owned shop. However, he refused to give up and continued working at home until he got another chance to open his shop, this time at 50 Ilica Street.

Ilica 49, 10000 Zagreb Croatia

+385 1 4847 417


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