Optika Kraljević

GUARDIANS OF YOUR EYESIGHT! OPTIKA KRALJEVIĆ (OPTICIAN KRALJEVIC) is a renowned optician shop founded in 1984.

Mr. Branko Kraljević is the founder and owner.

The shop is equipped with state-of-the-art technology for designing all types of prescription glasses and protective eyewear and offers highly sophisticated solutions for every client individually: for children, for adults, for 40+ (potential presbyopia), for workin front of computer, sunglasses…

Thirty years of experience, expertise, and applying of new technologies guarantee the highest standard when it comes to designing all types of glasses:

  • Discreet and easy-to-wear glasses
  • Modern and elegant glasses
  • Photo sensitive glasses for every occasion with 100% UVA and UVB protection and quick adjusting lenses, depending on the light
  • Driving glasses for day-time and night-time
  • prescription sunglasses with a curved frame option
  • prescription glasses with polarized lenses that offer sunprotection along with a more precise  perception of details and colours, as well as a non-glare effect
  • progressive lenses for all distances and corrections, and
  • fully personalized glasses thanks to EyeCode technology.

Along with single vision and bifocal glasses we also design multifocal (progressive) glasses that enable maximum sharpness for all distances (near, intermediate, distance), and we offer a range of prescription and sunglasses by leading fashion brands and designers.

If you’re looking for contactlenses, we offer: daily, two-weeks, monthly; toric and progressive, lenses with UV protection, colored contact lenses, and all the necessary contact solutions, cleaners, as well as eye drops.


  • West and for tradition and experience, we have professional staff and modern equipment, and we offer ophtamologist and optometrist professional checkups.
  • You can check your eyesight quickly and simply, without waiting, and FOR FREE!
  • We aproach each client professionally and attentively: from a simple advice on the best protection for your eyes to prescription and sunglasses.
  • Minor repairs will be done free of charge as will the adjustment of purchased glasses.
  • Those who wear contact lenses can expect a checkup as well as professional instructions on how to put, wear, and care for their contacts.

Gajeva 19


+385 1 48 25 071



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