Maksimir – Zoo

Maksimir – Zoo located in the Park Maksimir, is a unique oasis of nature and one of the most beautiful zoos in the Central Europe.
This favourite place for relaxation and leisure opened in 1925 on the Swan’s Island with only 3 foxes and 2 wild owls, and today covers an area of 7 hectares where visitors can see 275 species of animals: mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and invertebrates from all continents. In addition, a number of educational programmes and events aimed at better understanding of the nature and the need to protect endangered species are held in the Zoo. Therefore, you can attend the daily feeding of the animals while the Zookeepers inform and answer the visitors’ questions. Many facilities that belong to the rich cultural and historical heritage were built in the garden, such as the Tower, the Lion’s bridge with four stone lions, the Egyptians – 5 meters tall statues or the statue of a fisherman of Naples. Especially attractive is a boat trip on the lake when you can experience the Zoo from a completely different perspective.


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