St. Catherine’s Church

St. Catherine’s Church, placed in Katarinski Square in the Upper Town, is the finest baroque church in Zagreb, built between 1620 and 1632 by the Jesuits.

A monastery was built adjacent to the church and today it is a home to the art gallery Klovićevi Dvori. The church is one-nave with six side chapels and a shrine. The chapels have five wooden baroque altars from the 17th century and one marble altar from 1729. The ceiling and the walls are full of stucco from 1732. In the shrine, on the main altar, there is a big illusionists’ composition St. Catherine among the Philosophers of Alexandria, painted by Kristofor Andrija Jelovšek (Slovenian painter from Ljubljana). St. Catherine’s Church was damaged in a fire twice in the past, once in 1645 and again in 1674. Its interior was devastated but it was refurnished with the help of wealthy Croatian nobles. The last disaster was the 1880’s earthquake and the church needed the reconstruction that was done according to the Hermann Bollé’s project.

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