The Stone Gate

The Stone Gate is the only preserved gate from medieval defence walls and one of the most recognizable symbols of Zagreb. Although it was first mentioned in 1429, it is assumed to have been built in 1266.

 In 1760 it was renovated after a great fire that destroyed much of Gradec on the 31 May 1731, burning down houses that were close to the Stone Gate. There is a legend that all wooden parts of the Gate were destroyed except the painting of the Holly Mary and Jesus. To commemorate the event, grateful citizens built a chapel within the arch of the Old Stone Gate. On the 200th anniversary of its miraculous salvation from the fire, the 31 May 1931, the painting on canvas depicts Our Lady with a gold crown which was added to the altar of the chapel. Today many believers come here to pray, light candles and worship the Holly Mary of the Stone Gate.

Kamenita ul., 10000, Zagreb

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