Križevci is one of the oldest medieval towns in the northern Croatia

Križevci is one of the oldest medieval towns in the northern Croatia. In written documents it was first mentioned in documents of King Bela III in 1193 under the name of Cris (Cross). The city was initially divided into two parts: upper and lower town (Upper and Lower Town). When the draft of the Upper Town as the new settlements, Ban Stjepan granted him privileges of free and royal town. It was the 24 April 1252 and this day is celebrated today as the City Day.

Lower Town privilege of a free royal town gets 1405 by King Sigismund (Sigismund) rightly raise the city walls. There was later placed the imperial military crew, made up mostly of foreigners. Frequent disputes with residents of the Upper Town is solved only by the Austrian Empress Maria Theresa in the 18th century, reuniting in 1752, two of Cross Mountain in a town which then carries the name in the plural – Križevci. Then the Empress unified city granted armorial describing common coat of arms. The appearance of this coat of arms, with some simplifications, has been maintained today as the official emblem of the town of Križevci.

The importance of Križevci increased even more from the moment you begin here maintain medieval state assemblies. From thirty Parliament in the historical memory of the local population mostly remained the one from 1397, when King Sigismund of fraud given to kill the Croatian ban Stjepan Lackovic and some of his supporters. That is why this Parliament is remembered as “Bloody Sabor”. Immortalized by the 1914 famous Croatian painter Oton Iveković on the big picture, which is kept in the ancient church of St. Cross in the center of Krizevci.

Krizevci and surroundings are distinguished by numerous preserved objects of cultural heritage, preserved churches and customs of the Statutes of Krizevci. Križevci is the birthplace of the constellation of prominent cultural figures: Illyrian Fire Štriga, poet Francis Markovic, singer Milena Sughi, tragedienne Nina Vavra, patron Croatian Ivana education Zakmardija, travel writer and poet Anthony Nemčića.

The city is a prominent educational and training center from the 17th century when the Paulines founded the first high school. In the city of almost two centuries of active music school and one of the first reading room in Croatia was opened as far back as 1,839 years. “Križevački Statute”, the code of conduct cheerful companies and pajdašija were the basis for many subsequent wine-pajdaškim Regula.


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